The after Christmas blues....?

This week, one our iLove Elders, Mike Jordan, is our guest writer. I hope that you enjoy his Words for Wednesday!

The after Christmas blues….?

It’s Wednesday, December 27th…..How are you feeling?  The answer to that question may highly depend on how you spent the last few weeks.  For many, it has been a time of busyness with social gatherings, last-minute shopping, baking and other preparations for Christmas day.  You’ve likely spent hours trying to make different lists for family members who ask you what you would like for a gift.   So much time and effort can go into just one part of the year – so much that after it is over, we are often left feeling exhausted and often depressed.

But wait, doesn’t the famous song say: “It’s the most Wonderful time of the year”?

It can indeed be a wonderful time of the year as many of us get to see family members that we rarely see, watch the excitement on faces as they open our gifts, get time off from work and listen to those classic songs we hear every Christmas season…. (that often starts in October now).  Gift giving and receiving is a good thing, even God enjoys it as His word says in Matthew 7:11 that “..he gives good gifts to those who ask”.  So, with all the joy and excitement that comes in this time…why are we often left feeling empty when it is over?

If we are honest, the answer to that question lies in what we are focused on.  If Christmas is all about a season to us, a time of focusing on others, a time of trying to get in the spirit – then what do we do after the “season” is gone.?  We often end up in a state of emotional letdown because our focus was on the wrong thing.

Christmas is not about a time of year – it is about a gift.  Roughly 700 years before Jesus was born, Isaiah tells us in chapter 9 verse 6 that “..unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given”.  God gave us his son Jesus, born of the virgin Mary, to provide the way for our salvation (John 3:16)….this is Christmas.  This is the “gift that keeps on giving”; not for a season, but every day that God gives us breath in our lungs.  If this is our focus, then the joy we experience on the morning of December 25th will also be there on the 26th, 27th, and every day of the year.

These are your Words for Wednesday,

In Christ,

Mike Jordan

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