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Forever His

As we wrap up our look into John chapter 6, one of the most captivating and profound sayings of Jesus is found in verse 37, “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.”
There was a large crowd of people surrounding Jesus when He made that very profound statement. He had just told them to believe in Him and when He made the statement in verse 37, He made that belief unconditional. He had just removed all obstacles to faith.
He didn’t say “I might accept you.” He didn’t say, “If you do this or do that, I won’t cast you out.” He made an absolute statement. Come to Him and He will not, under any circumstances, cast you out.
Before we come to Christ, we are heading in the wrong direction, down the broad way pursing sin and self. When we come to Jesus, we are repenting and turning away from sin. In faith we turn and come to Christ who has declared that He won’t reject us, He will “certainly not cast you out.”
You might say, “I cheated on my spouse…” Jesus responds “I will not cast you out.” “I stole from my neighbor…” Jesus responds, “I will not cast you out.” “I am unworthy…” Jesus responds, “I will not cast you out.” “I am a great sinner…” Jesus responds, “I will not cast you out.”
In addition, Jesus said, “All that my Father gives me…” “All” means “ALL”; not some; not most. Regardless of what our past looks like. Regardless of our current condition. The only requirement is that we come to Him in faith.
This not only means that He won’t cast you out when you first come to Him, it also means that He will never cast you out no matter what you do afterwards. This says a lot about the heart of Jesus. He never gives up; He is relentless. He searches for the wanderer; He pursues the lost sheep; He waits longingly for the prodigal. All that He wants is for us to simply come to Him. No debate. No excuses. What this means is that when we come to Him believing, we are forever His!
These are your Words for Wednesday.
Please remember to be in prayer for our upcoming revival at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church with Dr. Kenny Grant on October 15 through 18. The Sunday morning service will begin at 10: Leading up to the revival, we will be having a joint prayer and worship meeting with Pleasant Grove in the sanctuary on Sunday evening, October 8 at 6:00. Have a great rest of your week!
In Christ,

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