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MAKING, not baking…

For this week, Kim Mayes is our guest writer for Words for Wednesday.  She has written “W4W” in the past and I think that you will enjoy what she has written this week!

Most people that know me well know I enjoy making cake ~ MAKING, not baking…  I’m not a fan of adding eggs and butter and sugar and the intricate science that goes into the product the comes directly out of the oven.  While I certainly want it to taste good, my main interest is in the details of the design.  Creating a cake with someone in mind and designing the details specifically for a loved one or a close friend is such a special endeavor requiring time, thought and consideration of the characteristics and qualities of the recipient.  It’s intentionally giving part of myself to another in the hopes that the gift brings joy, shows love and lets the recipient know how much they mean to me.  Making cakes is very special to me because I make them with the recipient in mind.  

That’s kind of like what God did for mankind when He formed the earth.  I came across a couple of verses a few weeks ago in my quiet time from Psalm 115 that left quite an impact on me. Verses 15 and16 read, “May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth He has given to mankind.”  

“…the earth He has given to mankind.”  Until meditating on these verses, I always considered the earth as the Lord's…  HIS creation, belonging to HIM.  I never saw it as His “gift" to mankind.  

So the trees with their upcoming display of vibrant colors, the brisk air I’ve felt leaving home in the pre-dawn hours over the last few days, the ducks who comically dunked their heads and raised their tails in the pond in search of food as I walked by them this morning… All made by our Creator’s hands with us in mind.  The daylight, the dark, the warmth and the coolness, the sun and the rain, all made for me and for you to enjoy.  

Until now, I’ve never pondered what it must have been like for God, existing outside of time, to be so intentional in making the earth and giving us the gift of time to enjoy it BEFORE He even formed us. Not only that, but He gave us this beautiful gift so that we might know Him, His qualities and His character through it. To learn of His power from watching the lightning, from seeing and feeling the force of the ocean, to see His steadfastness in the unmovable mountains, to see His love for us in the changing colors of autumn and the new life that comes along in the spring lets me KNOW without any doubt that He loves me and cares for me. 

When you can, peek outside and see autumn rounding the tips of the leaves and KNOW that you are loved… Then have a piece of cake and enjoy this day! 

These are your Words for Wednesday.  Have a blessed week!


Kim Mayes

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