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Love God, Love Each Other and Love the Lost...

Our mission is to Intentionally Love God, Intentionally Love Each Other, and Intentionally Love The Lost.

When we intentionally Love God

  • We worship God intimately
  • We take in Scripture regularly
  • We pray fervently like it matters
  • We obey God instantly
  • We give biblically

When we intentionally Love Each Other

  • My family relationships are growing
  • We are involved in a Small Group
  • We give compassionate care to others at iLove
  • We serve selflessly outside of iLove
  • We are personally accountable to other Christians

When we intentionally Love the Lost

  • We are prepared to share the Gospel
  • We are proactively developing relationships with lost people
  • We engage in local witnessing opportunities
  • We are taking the Gospel to the nations
  • We are involved in equipping environments

It starts in me! 

And it starts in you
Loving God,
Loving Each Other,
and Loving the Lost while making Disciples for Christ