Our children's ministry, known as "the Light" focuses on kids in grades K- 5th.


They meet every Sunday morning during the service to study God's word, using Lifeway's Gospel Project Kids version. To see more about what they study click the icon. 

Dr. Nick Scotten

  • Nine years of pastoring as a family and children’s pastor, in which I have preached weekly to children. 

  • In this position, I have also had the opportunity to teach tens of adult Bible studies and preach sermons to the congregation.

  • My classes for my Doctorate in Educational Ministry had me consider many ways to improve my ministry, but the best was found in my thesis project about family discipleship, and about how the church can educate and encourage parents in this holy duty.

  • Consistent and knowledgeable student of the Bible, theology, and church history by vocation, personally, and educationally.

  • Has planned and conducted hundreds of worship services and is very comfortable in that capacity.

  • Has a strong desire to encourage evangelism by teaching and example.

  • Leadership in four Christian schools helped me appreciate the big picture of a Christian organization and the importance of helping each constituent thrive for the good of all and the cause of Christ.

  • Possesses the personal character qualities of a called church leader found in the Pastoral Epistles (I Tim. 3; Titus 1), while crying to God for more of the fruit of the Spirit by which I can be an example to my family and the flock.

  • Much experience evaluating curricular needs for churches and Christian schools.

  • Teaching Bible every one of my 28 years in Christian schools and preaching hundreds of chapel messages.

  • Good balance in teaching and preaching that communicates love, grace, and humor, while pointing listeners to commitment to treat the Word of God and worship with respect, awe, and joy.

  • Experience training teachers to teach effectively and in communicating needs for, and expectations of, volunteers.

  • 2019:  Doctor of Educational Ministry, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Often, pastors receive a doctor of ministry.  I received all that instruction, but added to that are other classes that focus on the educational offerings of a church to help me better evaluate all the teaching ministries.

  • 2005: Master of Educational Leadership, Covenant College, in which scriptural principles and character traits were a focus of every class.

  • 1990: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, with a Proficiency in Bible Teaching, Clearwater Christian College (42 credits in Bible).

  • 1989: Associate of Arts Degree in Bible, Washington Bible College.